F7LTHY is a movement.

At the core of this mindset is that we must all strive to unleash creative expression.

Whether it is through art, music, athletics, innovation, cars, or simply creating your own style... F7LTHY inspires us to be our creative selves and show it to the world.

One side of our mind governs the clean, calculating, rule-abiding part of our consciousness.The other half is our creative, F7LTHY side that takes us to new levels.

F7LTHY is ubiquitous.

As the world tries to convince us to conform to ideals and images of perfection... F7LTHY inspires us to be ourselves and think beyond.

Everything in our lives must not always be spotless and perfect, F7LTHY embodies our imperfect minds, our raw emotions that foster innovation and taking chances.

F7LTHY echoes reality.

In a world often diluted with ordinary ideas, sterile designs, and confined styles, F7LTHY has surfaced from a community of those who share the passion for effort and ideas that transcend typical constraints.

So whether you use a pen, wrench, scalpel, mic, or whatever path your life has led you to... realize that we are a community that expects you to forge your own direction. Maintain that F7LTHY mentality and give those dreams the resolve they deserve.

We are all F7LTHY.

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